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The Bulgarian Association for Traditional Yang Taijiquan is registered in Sofia as a non profit organisation. Its goal is the popularization of Yang Style Taijiquan in Bulgaria. The core of the Association is the Taijiquan School founded informally by Georgi Denichin in February 1984. In July 1997 Georgi Denichin has met in Hungary Grandmaster Teng Shi-Hai, who gave him the first lessons of Yang Old Style taijiquan, invited him to Taiwan to study taijiquan and appointed Master Herman Yang (Yang Ting-Wei) from Taitung as his personal teacher.

Grandmaster Teng Shi-Hai is the senior disciple of the late Grandmaster Wang Ze He, who passed away on 7 August 2003 at the age of 92. After the demise of Grandmaster Wang Master Teng Shi-Hai became the Grandmaster of the Yang Old Style school. Grandmaster Wang and Grandmaster Teng have been honored with a Government award for their activity for the popularization of taijiquan. Master Herman Yang is one of the foremost disciples of Grandmaster Teng Shi-Hai.

Georgi Denichin is a member of Master Herman Yang’s school in Taitung and has been accepted by the Master as his disciple (“internal student”).